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We Invite You to the
NBT India Independence Day Celebration

Event Details

The NBT India Independence Day event is organized:

        - To provide an opportunity for students in North Brunswick School district  to apply 

          creativity and critical thought to the solution of science, technology, engineering and 

          mathematics problems beyond the confines of the classroom and excel.

        - To recognize students for their talent in English, Mathematics and Civic Education.

        - To provide volunteering opportunities for the youth in North Brunswick.


The goal of NBT India Day, a service project of Agraj Seva Kendra, a tax exempt nonprofit organization in partnership with the North Brunswick Township High School is to make this an inclusive event that promotes cultural awareness and highlight the importance of community integration.

We invite you to get involved and support this important community celebration to make this annual event bigger and better.

The Conference

About the event

What is NBT India Day?

The NBT India Independence Day program began with the inspiration from Mr. Pete Clark Principal of North Brunswick High School. He invited community members in 2007 to find a way to mark India’s Independence Day and acknowledge the culture of the growing Indian American community in Central Jersey. With support from the Board of Education and Mr. Clark 4-H Indian Langoor Club along with volunteers from the local community held the first event in Linwood Middle School in 2007.


The celebration marks an important event in world history, brings to life the culture and history of India and highlights India’s cultural connections with United States and the world. A wide range of activities are planned to make this event a great learning experience for all participants and a spectacular event for all attendees.


Today, NBT India Day, a service project of Agraj Seva Kendra, a tax exempt nonprofit organization in partnership with the North Brunswick Township High School involves over a hundred youth and adult volunteers join hands to bring this unique event focused on the history of India to the community.


We invite you to get involved and support this important community celebration to make this annual event bigger and better!





A theme-based cultural program is organized every year that allows Elementary, Middle and High School youth along with adults to participate in dances, songs, pageants and other performances.  The program allows youth to learn about India’s history and culture in a way that is fun and educational.


Cultural Program

The Art and Literary Journal publishes winning articles and art works from the Youth Art/Writing Competition held every year by NBT India Day. In addition to this the journal also includes program information, sponsor advertisements, volunteer team photos and other informational articles.


Art and Literary Journal

An art, public speaking, and writing competition is held every year for youth to express their ideas and share their thoughts about India and her culture. This competition is conducted by NBT India Day Committee to encourage youth to explore their roots in a more personal way.

Art, Public Speaking and Writing Competition


A theme-based exhibition is held at the venue of the event for attendees to learn about India’s history and culture. 


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